up to my elbows in rotting tomatoes!!

pictorial step by step guide to saving your own tomato seeds

(1) select ripe, healthy tomatoes, cut in half horizontally

(2) squeeze out all guts into a jar, set aside

(3) let the ‘tomato goo’ ferment for three- five days (dependent on weather). wait for a layer of mould to form on top

(4) once fermentation has occured, add water to jar. the seeds will sink and the ‘goo’ will float

(5) you may want to do this step a few times. slowly pour rotten elements from the top, add more water, repeat until only seeds and water remain in the jar

(6) strain seeds. seperate from water. rinse

(7) let seeds dry on a screen for a week or more.
you can then store them for the winter in an envelope. keep in a dark, dry and cool place . . . .

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