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Adventures in Canning

wasabi pickled beans! wasabi, ginger, garlic, beans, soy sauce & rice vinegar tomato salsa  pickled beans  pickling beans  pickles!  peach salsa!   making peach salsa  pickled beets & carrots of many varieties. gorgeous   wines preserved in jameson’s & honey: who knew such perfect concoctions existed.  plums in red wine. another delicious idea   pears in jameson’s and […]

Late Summer Harvests

tomatoes & other goodies are finally starting to ripen in bulk!   just a taste of the many colourful beets & carrots i can pick soon i have been wanting to grow this beautiful plant, romanesco for years, i finally have one tiny head 🙂 cucumber & squash galore   beans a plenty  wasn’t the best light […]

summer in the seed garden

garden plan  basil is getting big & smelling great! Despite getting a late start in getting everything planted. things are growing like gang busters in the seed garden. i am trying to grow some exciting new things this season. growing five new types of lettuce for seed and working on an artichoke growing experiment. lots […]

Mid June gardens

 I am a little behind in my garden & in my posting of photos so I will do a whole bunch now. Here’s some shots of my lift lock community garden plot  some cherry tomato seedlings finally put in the ground & emerging beans  my secret backyard garden finally starting to look that way. lots […]

Nice feedback

I love hearing from my customers & getting emails like this: “I love the variety and selection you offer! It is fantastic to see tomatoes and peppers that you wouldn’t see in grocery stores. I have a big Yellow Pear Tomato and Black Sea Man tomato in the back yard starting to flower and your […]