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Seed Saving Workshop

Tis the season for seed saving! I will be updating tips on how to collect and save your seeds over the next month … Here’s a photo of a seed saving workshop I recently hosted at the Lift Lock Community Garden. I am showing folks how to harvest arugula seeds. …. I am always too […]

Harvesting Garlic

Yeah Garlic Harvest!!  I harvested my garlic! Last fall I planted 25 bulbs of my dear friends bradley’s garlic & now I have 25 bulbs & close to 400 bulbs to re-plant. I love seed saving! It just makes sense.  Some of the garlic cracked open. I guess I’ll have to eat these ones!  tied […]

My seed bank

At this time of the year, I take my seeds out of the various cabinets they are stored in throughout my house, and go through them to determine what I should donate to seed exchanges, what should be planted, and of course package some to sell  Of course, I couldn’t resist photographing my collection  *For […]