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Adventures in Canning

wasabi pickled beans! wasabi, ginger, garlic, beans, soy sauce & rice vinegar tomato salsa  pickled beans  pickling beans  pickles!  peach salsa!   making peach salsa  pickled beets & carrots of many varieties. gorgeous   wines preserved in jameson’s & honey: who knew such perfect concoctions existed.  plums in red wine. another delicious idea   pears in jameson’s and […]

harvest/canning season

peach jalapeno salsa fresh peach jalapeno salsa pre-cooking wasabi pickled beans!   pickles!  white cucumbers with apple cider vinegar, pepper grounds, hots peppers & dill seed  tomato salsa  coloured beans before being pickled  preparations  beans sitting in brine before hot water bath canning  sealed and ready to be hot water bathed  cucumbers getting washed up & […]

summer in the seed garden

garden plan  basil is getting big & smelling great! Despite getting a late start in getting everything planted. things are growing like gang busters in the seed garden. i am trying to grow some exciting new things this season. growing five new types of lettuce for seed and working on an artichoke growing experiment. lots […]

Colourful Carrots

 I am so happy I am pulling carrots that I planted in early May. They are so colourful & delicious … and I simply cannot stop photographing them when cut up they get even more beautiful     lift lock community garden harvest late July ….  harvest nestled in with my farmers market purchases.