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Seed Saving – Garlic & Potatoes

Growing Garlic & Potato Seed When you grow these root crops, most people replant the same garlic and potatoes that you eat. Select strong, healthy blemish free veggies To replant potatoes, cut into sections (one eye per each), and for garlic separate them into cloves. Plant each clove or potato section. Garlic is often planted […]

Harvesting Garlic

Yeah Garlic Harvest!!  I harvested my garlic! Last fall I planted 25 bulbs of my dear friends bradley’s garlic & now I have 25 bulbs & close to 400 bulbs to re-plant. I love seed saving! It just makes sense.  Some of the garlic cracked open. I guess I’ll have to eat these ones!  tied […]

How to Plant Garlic

So, today, November 14th, I finally planted my garlic. This is one of the first times I have ever done it without frozen fingers or under a light dusting of snow, and I usually get to it around Halloween. Here are some photos  3 varieties cracked, laid out, and ready to plant!  Created little divots […]