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Harvesting Garlic

Yeah Garlic Harvest!!  I harvested my garlic! Last fall I planted 25 bulbs of my dear friends bradley’s garlic & now I have 25 bulbs & close to 400 bulbs to re-plant. I love seed saving! It just makes sense.  Some of the garlic cracked open. I guess I’ll have to eat these ones!  tied […]

Frozen delights

 I had almost forgotten that in the peak of harvest/ seed collecting season I froze three bags of whole cherry (& some others) tomatoes as well as a bag of roasted tomatoes.  Tomatoes freeze so well, they still look so perfect & are not even really frozen together. The roasted ones smell so amazing as […]


 I have gotten really into canning this year! So far, I have made dill pickles, pickled beans, pickled beets, pickled basil carrots, salsa, relish, oven-dried tomatoes, smoked paprika, roasted tomato sauce, regular tomato sauce, canned peaches & pears & a whole lot of pesto!! I am hoping to make my own ketchup, and because I […]

so many tomatoes

 I picked five bushels of tomatoes this week! and they are taking over my living room  Tomatoes & Peppers drying in a smoker. just one of the many ways I have been preserving the fruitful harvest!  Mmm. homemade paprika. Those are my alma paprika peppers on the second shelf from the bottom. soon to be […]