Start Your Seeds Indoors

Sometimes at this time of year, I feel like I am working against a rapidly ticking clock. I try my best to stop & take deep breaths of Spring, tell myself that one girl can only do so much, and enjoy the season while i can.
so, today, i spent the day in the greenhouse. yeah!
After two days of washing every surface and pot, almost ready to plant
BEFORE: A clean slate to start a new season. love it.
Me. happy to be there.

Fundamental supplies:
-Labels (i use old vinyl blinds cut-up)
-cell packs (or whatever you are planting in)
Mix the Pro-Mix with water in a large container, so that seeds are going into nice warm and moist soil. they will be happy immediately. i know i was.

Fill trays with moist soil. create divots for seeds.
place one seed in each little divot.

cover seeds and LABEL. i can’t stress this enough. LABEL. LABEL. LABEL. Especially for me, I planted 15 different types of tomatoes and 10 types of peppers today. If they get mixed up, there will be no way to tell what they are until august! that would be sad.

*Note: I start my seeds in March because I sell my little seedlings at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. For the home gardener, you should start them 4-6 weeks before the last frost, which in Peterborough is usually between May 24th & June 1st. So wait, until the end of March or early April. If they get leggy & weak in the early part of their lives, it will be harder for them to catch-up, but if they are small & strong, they will take off!

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