Some early farming photos

Here are some photos of the early stages of my garden. Although the rain is putting a slight damper on the summer, it is treating the plants well. The plants have tripled in size since these pictures were taken . . . . more to follow soon
Me, happy & in my garden . . .

mini-squash plants . . . . we are fighting an on-going battle, constantly squashing the squash beetles.

a row of tomatoes. they are growing so big & strong. i am one proud momma . . . and can hardly wait to eat them . . .

These are the first tomatoes on the plants. They are ‘Stupice’ variety & will turn out to be beautiful red, round & hopefully prolific!

romanesco, the most beautiful & sexy vegetable in the world (my opinion). this is my first time growing them.

a row of climbing beans . . . these will get so big over the next month, you will not recognize them as these tiny things.

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