Seedy Sunday 2013: Photos

Whew, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since Seedy Sunday. I think I’ve finally had enough sleep to write a post. it’s a lot of thanks to those who make it happen!

costumers checking out & buying seeds at Seedy Sunday

And, thanks, to the wonderful Esther Vincent, I now have some pictures of the event. I was too busy to take too many pics!

I would like give a huge shout-out & thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped set-up, welcome & assist vendors, set-up & facilitate workshops, organize things & generally make the whole day run smoothly.

Especially to my PCGN colleagues. They’re pretty great all in all.
And to the folks who set-up, organized, donated-to, volunteered at, cleaned-up & made the Seed Exchange Area possible. Thousands of seeds were traded and almost $300 was raised for Seeds of Diversity. 

busting seed exchange area
customers checking out my urbantomato seeds 

 checking out Cottage Gardener seeds 

 it was a super busy day with an estimated 1200 people in attendance. 
great shot from the stage. Thanks Esther!

Thanks to all the vendors who travelled, and brought their well loved & cared for seeds to our community, as well as worm compost, seed starting help & garlic! 
Thanks to Kate Green who led the Seed Saving 101 workshop & Robin Tench for Yes You Can! Organic Gardening Tips. 
And, a special big thanks to all of you who came out & bought seeds. I love thinking about how much seed was spread out into our community that day. it could go grow enough food to fill that church, many times. and grow a hundred times the seed. one hundred times the food. and so on. it makes me smile to be a part of it. 

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