Seeds of Sovereignty Video & Hot Pepper Seed Saving Tutorial

Peppers – How to Video

Film: Seeds of Sovereignty
Written/Mediated and Directed by Brian Mitolo
Produced by Dan English

Short film of Peterborough area food providers, sharing ideas and experiences around food production and seed saving.

The film proceeds from the question: Tell me what you are working at during the winter? The answers are as diverse as the participants, but I think the edited conversation communicates the idea that what is being brought to the table, by way of sharing stories and experiences, are the actual seeds of food sovereignty.

There is a unity of purpose between Jill’s plans for a seed exchange, Peggy’s land negotiations, Jay’s winter farm experiments, Andrew’s plans for distribution, and Rachelle growing free food in urban lots. They all want to feed people. They all seek direct relationships with the communities they feed.

As the director of “Seeds of Sovereignty” I hope you share these files and the messages they contain as you would exchange seeds, for propagation. The short files are part of a project we are working on during 2011, which features food growers and providers who live in our area who put the idea of social justice to work. I will be uploading more footage as I shoot and I look forward to your own perspectives as viewers as I edit the project.

“Seeds of Sovereignty” will take a look at the concept of food sovereignty from the perspectives of front line participants in the struggle to reclaim our right to our most basic need.

I am very grateful to Peggy and Jill and Rachelle and Andrew and Jay for participating. I look forward to meeting all of you again over the coming season.

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