Seedlings for Sale!

urbantomato will be hosting a PLANT SALE on SATURDAY MAY 30th at the corner of Hunter & Water.

If you can’t make it to the plant sale, let me know what plants you would like & I can set them aside for you & make arrangements to get them to you & your gardens!


I have many many seedings growing along in my house. I’d be happy to have them growing in your garden when the time comes. The following is a list of what I have growing. Order Today, Don’t Delay! 

*All quantities are limited, so if you want to grow them this season, let me know & I will put your name on them. Click here for more detailed descriptions. 


Cherry Tomatoes:

Black Cherry  Black Cherry Pack

 Black Plum  Black Plum

Cherry Roma  cherryroma

German Red StrawberryGerman Red Strawberry Heirloom Cherry Tomato

Green Grape  greengrape

Isis Candy   tomato-isis-candy

Sweet Angora  tomato-sweet-angora

Una Heart Stock Una Heartstock

Yellow Pear Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Slicing Tomatoes: 

Allegory Sunset   allegorypack

Black KrimBlack Krim

Black Russian  Black Russian Tomatoes

Black Seaman  tomato-black-seaman

Costoluto Genovesecostoluto

Eva Purple Ball  tomato-eva-purple-ball

Purple Cherokee  Purple Cherokee

Stupice  tomato-stupice

White Queen  white queen

Paste Tomatoes:

Green Zebra  Green Zebra Tomatoes

Hillbilly (picture coming soon!)

Opalka  Canned Opalka Tomatoes

Striped Cavern stripedcavern

Tiger Eye (picture coming soon!) – Similar markings to striped cavern in a smaller tomato. Thick walls, small amounts of juice & seeds.


Sweet Peppers: 

Chocolate Pepper Chocolate Peppers

Orange Pepper  Mini Orange Bell Pepper Seed Packet

Red Pepper  pepper-small-red

Hot Peppers: 

Alma Paprika  Alma Paprika Seed Pack

Bulgarian Carrot bulgarian carrot hot peppers

Greens: (photos coming soon!) 

Arugula – spicy, nutty flavoured green. cold hearty.


Drunken Frizzy Headed Woman Lettuce – a lovely leaf lettuce that starts off light green, and ripens with red tinges on upper leafs.


Kale – Cold hearty and healthy winter greens.
– Lacianto
– Red Russian
– Siberian

Sunset Lettuce – lovely leafy green with tinges of red & purple hues.

Yugoslovian Buttercrunch


Basil – Amazingly flavourful herb. Perfect for making pesto & Italian dishes.

Broad Leaf Parsley – Flavourful leafy green. Great for garnishing salads.

Rosemary – Fragrant herb great for flavouring breads, meats & other dishes.


Calendula – Lovely orange flower that blooms throughout the season. Short, perfect for the front of annual flower gardens. Self-seeds.

Cosmos – Gorgeous pink flower with feathery foilage. Grows to up to 3ft. Self-seeds.

Hollyhock – Tall, bi-annual flower.

Mexican Sunflower – Very tall and bushy plant. Orange flowers bloom in the fall. Greenery is soft & fuzzy.

Large Sunflower – Huge yellow sunflower that can grow up to 6ft tall with large flower heads

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