Searching for some hope in the snow

I was looking at my garden this morning, dreaming of warmer, sunnier, greener days.

decided to head out into it & see if i could find any signs of hope, deep under the piles of snow.

last fall, in an effort to heed off winter, i built some experimental, diy cold frames. it was very simple:

  • re-seeded a few beds in later September with spinach and mixed lettuces.
  • put some old windows over the greens when it started to get cold (on a slant, so they weren’t crushed!)
  • and then surrounded it by straw

i had no idea what was going to happen.

but when i went out into the yard today, feeling a little downtrodden by the state of the world, i indeed found some hope for spring. there it was, both the spinach and the lettuce, perfectly happy, still growing & looking a gorgeous.

i didn’t disturb it too much, or lift up the windows to pick it, even though i was very tempted, somehow I think that the snow is what is keeping it insulated and alive? who knows? I will likely be tempted to go back and uncover more soon.

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