Stocking Up – Ready to Grow Kit


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Stocking Up:  Ready to Grow Kit Contains:

  • 6 seedlings (crops suitable for canning)
  • 10 packs of seeds (grains, pulses and crops suitable for storage)

More information & FAQ’s here

Available for contactless pick-up or delivery Mid-Late May. Only in Peterborough.  

All seedlings will be garden ready.  Quantities are limited 

**Seeds: Kits will contain 2 types of seeds;
– urbantomato seeds are heirloom & locally grown and,
– Seeds that were donated to Seedy Sunday that are not part of my seed collection but will diversify seed available. For these seeds, $1/ package will be  donated to Nourish Project

**Seedlings: All seedlings were grown by me on the #urbanseedfarm using heirloom seeds from my own seed bank or from other local seed farmers.  Tomatoes will be in each kit. 

**Varieties: Kits will be made up with available seedling varieties that suit the size suggested. Requests available if stock allows.  Inventory listed at  Seedlings 


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