Making Strawberry Jam!

jars of strawberry jam (front) and pureed berries for freezing
it is the height of berry season, and long summer days, so of course, it is time to start thinking about winter, or at least think about preserving some of the summer bounty for cold days to come.
nic & i are the tractor heading to the strawberry field  
so i went berry picking! and made strawberry jam & blended down some berries to freeze and use throughout the winter.
the bushes were loaded with berries
emptied strawberry bucket
big old bowl of washed berries. mmm
we be jamming! all you need is honey, lemon juice, pectic and strawberries
 let the canning season begin!
jam boiling on the oven, and jars getting boiled in the canning pot

Scum! delicious
lined up preserves
big old bowl of pureed berries for freezing in ice cube trays and jars for winter enjoyment

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