Great Passage from a Great Book


Every seed has a story, encrypted in a narrative line that stretches back for thousands of years. And if you trace that story, traveling with that little seed backwards in time, you might find yourself tucked into an immigrant’s hatband or sewn into a young wife’s dress as she smuggles you from the old country in the the New World. Or you might be clinging to the belly wool of a yak as you travel across the steeps of Mongolia . . . . Seeds tell the story of migrations and drifts, so if you learn to read them, they are very much like books
. . . However, the information contained in a seed is a different story, entirely vital, pertaining to life itself. Why? Because seeds contain the information necessary to perform the most essential of all alchemies, something that we cannot do: They know how to transform sunlight into food and oxygen so that the rest of us can survive.
Of course, this is what planting is all about – the ancient impulse to harness that miracle and make it perform for our benefit. To emulate the divine author and tease forth a new crop of stories from the earth.”
~ Ruth Ozeki – All Over Creation
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