Thursday was a beautiful day for farming. it was still quite humid, but the cloudy skies provided us with protection from the sun; and beautiful scenery!
 so many green tomatoes!! can’t wait for them to start turning to a rainbow of tomatoes!
  purple cherokees are getting so close to sandwich time
paprika peppers ripening
yellow beans! and weeds!
 baby basil
 black seamans
 i love this photo of a purple bean plant flowering, if i could, i might sit in the garden & take a photo every hour as the plant begins producing it’s pod. probably a good thing that my garden is not in my backyard!
 more green tomatoes. sooo soon & we can start eating them. sooo excited.
 This is what tomato hornworms do. jerks! i must have killed 50 huge one’s today. notice the million weeds in the background too. oh my.
 i love this twisted tomato! it’s a stripe cavern. this will probably be the first of 200 pictures i will take of it!

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