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ECHO empowers small-scale farmers to increase their harvests, and the nutritional diversity of their crops. We educate, equip and share sustainable solutions to hunger!

I went to visit my mom for the holidays. Luckily for me (especially considering back home in Canada now amid a three day frigid cold snap!), she lives in Fort Myers Florida. It was nice and warm there. I got to visit farmers’ markets, sit in the sun, expose my pale pale skin, shop for cheap designer shoes & hang with my mom & brother. I have done this for many years.
 This year, I discovered that there was a very cool farm located quite close to where my mom stays. Echo Farm is a pretty amazing place. We toured through test sites for crops that mimic climate zones all over the world, particularly places that are struggling with famine and starvation. “For over 30 years, ECHO has been helping thousands around the world to better access vital information and other resources needed to improve food production and security for small farmers and gardeners”
lush greenery & companion planting demos.
test growing many global crops such as amaranth
giant hot pepper plant! this is what happens when you don’t have annual frosts
didn’t get the chance to learn too many details about this water system. will have to go back to learn more 
lush greens growing in a shady tropical environment
i enjoyed the entire tour, but was extra excited by & interested by the urban farm garden area. so many interesting concepts & successfully growing plants.
some cool ideas in the urban garden demonstration area
loads of veggies growing in tires, cinder blocks, eaves & more
greens in eaves  
urban growing test site
  There were so many beautiful crops growing and blooming (in Decemeber!), they were saving seeds, and helping farmers grow more food. my kinda place 🙂 
asparagus winged pea
  Check out their site, donate if you can, I will be back next year to volunteer some time.
cactus looks like abstract art

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