Community Garden Garlic Harvest

 garlic waiting on my dining room table to be tied up & dried for October planting
 first big community garden harvest – garlic harvest #1, basil & one cucumber (many more to follow!)
 late planted portugal hot pepper is bigger than it’s plant!
lots of cucumbers coming along, planted with a great companion for cooking & growing, dill
 i think that i may have forgotten to harvest this last season, and as a result got several small bulbs all attached together!

garlic harvest #2. unfortunately, we have had quite the leek moth infestation on our garlic at the lift lock community garden. I will have to inspect and hand kill all the little worms i find on the garlic so that I can plant it again safely this fall. i have been saving this garlic for 6 years, and would hate for anything to happen to it. it is the legacy of a dear friend, who i grew garlic with for years, and who passed away far too young.

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