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Thursday was a beautiful day for farming. it was still quite humid, but the cloudy skies provided us with protection from the sun; and beautiful scenery!  so many green tomatoes!! can’t wait for them to start turning to a rainbow of tomatoes!   purple cherokees are getting so close to sandwich time paprika peppers ripening    […]

Seed Saving – Poppies

Poppy seed heads are ready when they are browned & dry. The photo above shows one that is perhaps even too far along, but you get the idea. You can also pick them when they are between green & brown & let them dry indoors so that you don’t loose the seeds  Poppy seeds are […]

Collecting Arugula Seeds

For those of you who have arugula going to seed (or other greens). It is perfectly natural for greens to want to “bolt” (start to produce seed) when it gets hot, but if your greens are already bolting, you might have wanted to pick them & eat them more. They are the types of wonderful […]

Seed Saving – Lupins

Collecting lupin seed is easy. Mine is not quite ready yet. The picture below shows a lupin plant producing seed. I usually let the pods get a little bit browner & drier before I harvest. When the seed pods look like the photo below, it is time to harvest the seeds . . . pull […]