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Fall on the urban seed farm

Things have grown amazingly well this year on the urban seed farm. I really couldn’t be happier with my new growing spot. Despite the drought and soaring temperatures this season, plants flourished and are in the process of kicking out a tonne of seeds. I can barely move in my home with all the seeds […]

organic seed growers conference

just got back from a trip to Oregon, from the 8th Annual Organic Seed Growers Conference. today’s seed stories are tomorrow’s heirloom histories. that’s what running through my mind. that’s what stands out most to me about this past week. we’re the People of the Pinch we’re sharing stories. and skills. and seeds. and this […]

Seed harvesting

  It has been a pretty great growing season here in Peterborough. I am a little late on posting this as this extended fall has had me out in the garden lots, and not inside by a computer so much. It was a great season for grains & beans, an pretty good season for tomatoes & […]

Upcoming Events, Talks & Workshops

Saving seeds as a community! September 8th, 7:30p.m. Lakefield Horticultural Society Monthly Meeting Marshlands Centre Lakefield  Jill Bishop is a long-term seed saver. She has owned and operated urbantomato, a local heirloom seed business, and organized Peterborough’s Seedy Sunday for 10 years. Recently, she has worked to further connect with experienced and interested seed savers […]

Seed Garden 2015

All in all this has been a pretty good growing season. A couple heat waves and rain seems to come just when we need it most. Things are slightly ‘behind’ in my gardens, but I am happy with how they are growing. Lots of seeds forming. The hard part about being a seed saver is, […]

Seed Saving – Garlic & Potatoes

Growing Garlic & Potato Seed When you grow these root crops, most people replant the same garlic and potatoes that you eat. Select strong, healthy blemish free veggies To replant potatoes, cut into sections (one eye per each), and for garlic separate them into cloves. Plant each clove or potato section. Garlic is often planted […]

Seed Saving – Simple Starter Tips

Simple Starter Tips Start With the Seeds: To grow good seed, you must plant good seed, look for heirloom varieties. Basic Biology: Insects and wind can cross-pollinate your plants. Isolate or keep distance between plants you want to collect seeds from. Watch Your Plants: Observation is important. Seeds ripen in mature plants, timing will vary depending on plant […]

Seed Saving – Basic Terms

Basic Terms Heirloom: Open-pollinated seeds are selected & saved for generations. They are rare varieties with historical, cultural or social significance. If saved correctly, they will reliably produce an adapted, but true seed annually. Self-Pollinating: When a plant contains both male & female parts, it can produce fruit without insects or other plants. Cross-Pollination:  Pollen […]