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Colourful Carrots

 I am so happy I am pulling carrots that I planted in early May. They are so colourful & delicious … and I simply cannot stop photographing them when cut up they get even more beautiful     lift lock community garden harvest late July ….  harvest nestled in with my farmers market purchases. 

Harvesting Garlic

Yeah Garlic Harvest!!  I harvested my garlic! Last fall I planted 25 bulbs of my dear friends bradley’s garlic & now I have 25 bulbs & close to 400 bulbs to re-plant. I love seed saving! It just makes sense.  Some of the garlic cracked open. I guess I’ll have to eat these ones!  tied […]

Frozen delights

 I had almost forgotten that in the peak of harvest/ seed collecting season I froze three bags of whole cherry (& some others) tomatoes as well as a bag of roasted tomatoes.  Tomatoes freeze so well, they still look so perfect & are not even really frozen together. The roasted ones smell so amazing as […]