Bringing a little of the season inside

  Before a deep frost could hit my container garden (they had been protected by a large front porch), I transported them into my home in an attempt to extend the life of the plants, and my access to fresh food, the smell of fresh herbs, and just to look at green things growing!
I moved my hot pepper plants, rosemary & lavender directly on top of my radiator in  front on a sunny window. They seem to love having heat from underneath throughout the winter. All three of these plants have been overwintered for two years already!!
 The basil, I don’t expect to live throughout the whole season, but it is still flowering, so I am hoping to collect seed from it, and the flowers are really pretty to look at
  My hot pepper plant has already set new flowers!
 I dug up these lovely fall greens from my farm and transplanted them to pots, and placed them in a sunny window in a room that is not heated. I home to have fresh greens for a few months to come!

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