Adventures in Canning

wasabi pickled beans! wasabi, ginger, garlic, beans, soy sauce & rice vinegar

tomato salsa 

pickled beans 

pickling beans 


peach salsa!  

making peach salsa 

pickled beets & carrots of many varieties. gorgeous 

 wines preserved in jameson’s & honey: who knew such perfect concoctions existed.

 plums in red wine. another delicious idea 

 pears in jameson’s and red wine. mmmmmm 
before (above) and after the hot water bath 

plums in red wine. they look like lovely lips 

paste tomatoes for ketchup making

seed saving and ketchup making 

 boiling down some pretty delicious from my garden & then put through a mill to make this amazing ketchup.

made my own ketchup. so so good
 lovely sunset to accompany the canning fun

peach jalapeno salsa & bourbon peaches. looking forward to the taste of summer; in a winter

cleaning basil for pesto. the smell is heavenly 
salsa and pesto 

canning apple cider. so exciting. i had no idea you could even do this

two types of pickled carrots. i love these coloured carrots, happy to have them in my pantry this winter 

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