How to Save Tomato Seeds

how i save my tomato seeds

A Step by Step Photo Demonstration

  1. Select a ripe heirloom tomato (or several)
  2. Cut in half horizontally
  3. Squeeze out seeds and juice into a jar
  4. Let sit for a week. The liquid will start to ferment, and a layer of mould will form on the top.
  5. Add water, the seeds will sink and mould will float. Pour off the mould.
  6. You may need to add more water & repeat
  7. Strain seeds. Set aside. Let dry on a screen.
  8. Store seeds in a dark, dry place in an envelope.


Step #1 – Start with ripe, healthy heirloom tomatoes. 

Step #2 – Cut them in half
Step #3: Squeeze liquid including seeds, into a container (I use glass mason jars). You can set aside the remaining fruit to make salsas, soups, canned goods, whatever you like!
Step #4: LABEL & set-aside. Let ferment for 4-7 days.
You will notice a layer of mould form on the top
Step #5:  Fill the jar containing fermented seeds with water. Stir
The seeds will sink to the bottom, and mould float to the top.
Step #6: Let settle. Pour off top layer of mould and water. Do not pour out seeds.
Step #7:  Let seeds settle. Repeat Step #6, until only clear water & seeds remain.
Step #9: Rinse Seeds
Step #10: LABEL. Let dry on a suspended screen for at least one week
I dry mine of a re-claimed baking rack. It works perfectly!

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